Why Library Automation Technologies (LAT)?

...because LAT delivers! For over a decade LAT has been a leader in providing secure self-service technologies to the public library and university markets.

Over 15,000,000 transactions are processed by our kiosks every year.

Over the years, our systems have evolved to fit into a variety of applications, requirements and needs. They vary is size, shape, function, interface and look. The only common thread between various LAT kiosks is that each is highly utilized with ever increasing usage statistics.

Our LAT-Central™ Enterprise Management System (included with any kiosk) allows you to quickly determine your usage statistics.



Download LAT's HR Kiosk datasheet (.pdf)


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Our continuing commitment to our customers to bring innovation and quality to our products, have allowed us unprecedented growth and opportunities. In addition to the growing self-service line of products, we are also involved in data protection and security with our
DDV-3000 product line, which has already caught attention of various corporate data centers, Government agencies and even Homeland Security applications.

Our in-house manufacturing capability allows us to bring you a direct source of products and equipment - proudly built, designed and assembled in USA


We are proud to be considered by you for your HR self-service application and pledge to you that we will use all of our resources to make it a pleasant and rewarding experience for you.


As a result of our growth, here are some recent kudos:

#1 Fastest Growing Firm in SJ, 2005
Philadelphia Business Journal

Forbes Business Awards Finalists, 2007

Our CEO has been named,
"One of 40 under 40 most influential people.
Philadelphia Business Journal / Inquirer

Family Business Awards Finalist, 2006
Fairleigh Dickinson College of Business



Download LAT's HR Kiosk datasheet (.pdf)


Contact LAT to setup a meeting where we can discuss your requirement in detail.



Dynamic Disk Vault - Physical data protection for various forms of optical media.