Where are you are NOW...

Needless to say, unless you are already enjoying the employee self-service (ESS) capabilities, you are simply overwhelmed and overworked. Here is a 50,000 foot view:

"YOU" are in the center, feeding this information to your employees.

Where you need to be ...

Continuing with the same analogy, the goal of the LAT's HR Kiosk is to provide the following scenario:

... where "YOU" are simply overseeing the HR communication transfer as it is being performed at the convenience of your employees 24/7/365

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A myriad of applications can be enabled, virtually day one

The key advantage of the LAT's HR Kiosks is the ability to implement a number of key applications virtually instantaneously. Working closely with you and your IT staff, here is a simple "laundry list" of applications that can be enabled on any of our kiosks:

  • Benefits lookup
  • Payroll adjustments
  • 401(k) maintenance
  • Company News
  • Employee Directory
  • Survey / Feedback
  • Safety Information / Training
  • Training (trade)
  • Cafeteria Menu lookup
  • Job application processing
  • Employee Demographics change
  • Automated notifications emailing
  • New hire training
  • Latest stock quotes
  • Major corporate events
  • Corporate even invitation handling
  • .. more

How is it done?

Regardless of the type of physical configuration of the kiosk you choose, the LAT HR Kiosks provide a technology platform that will enable us, working together with your IT staff to enable any one of the applications that you require. By providing a centrally controlled user interface, via our LAT-Central™ Enterprise Management system (included as part of the kiosk package), you can control what applications are available and to whom.

All of the user interface components are personalized by you to fit your organizations. Our designers and programmers tailor LAT HR Kiosk Systems to your specifications to make sure that your corporate environment is clearly communicated. We work with most advanced industry tools and interfaces, that provide the most richest, resolution independent user experience - all controlled by you and/or your staff.

 Multiple languages, on-screen browser and a dynamic "bulletin board" are just a few of many components that you may choose to use. Other are available and can be implemented at will.

In addition, LAT has extensive experience in implementing RFID and Biometric security components to allow complete tracking and protection of data from being accessed by unauthorized personnel. This is all coupled to work in harmony with your existing network based security.

Metrics / Remote Control

Using LAT-Central™ you can perform a variety of reports to gauge the effectiveness of not just of the kiosk, but also of the particular application or interface. Various criteria can be defined to monitor and measure.

Various reports can be used to not only measure the effective ROI from ESS investment, but also to gauge the effectiveness of kiosk placement, menu organization, tools layout, ...etc.,

In addition to LAT-Central™ enterprise management tool, all of the systems are preloaded to be remotely controlled by you and/or your IT staff to allow various code updates, patches, changes, modifications and reloads to occur regardless of where physically the systems are located.


We do not call slapping few independent computer peripherals and parts together a "kiosk". Our LAT kiosks are all industry grade, hardened embedded components that are completely out-of-the-way (nearly invisible to the user), and also are hardened against vandalism and abuse. Privacy is protected in various ways ranging from privacy filters, and nearly indestructible casing, down to various authentication techniques, such as RFID and biometrics.


How do we start?

The simplest and the most cost effective way to implement our technology in your HR environment is to:

A) Talk to us to allow our team to examine your needs and requirements to see if existing solutions are available to meet your goals.

B) Have our project management team put together a document defining not only the key technology goals, but also key milestones and deliverables.

C) Define an initial roll-out phase and achieve it. This is a critical step as it allows you to gauge the effectiveness of the initial approach and make changes.

D) Based on initial implementation feedback, make changes and adjustments, plan subsequent roll-outs.


Download LAT's HR Kiosk datasheet (.pdf)


Contact LAT to setup a meeting where we can discuss your requirement in detail.



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