FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do we install the systems ourselves?

Usually not. Although all of our systems are reconfigured and tested to work in your environment "out-of-the-box", our LAT certified technicians will come out to your facility to install, configure and test on-site whatever systems you purchase. Training is also provided as part of the install.

Do you need to have access into our Intranet?

That is entirely up to you. Normally, we don't need it or want it. We work closely with your IT staff to provide needed integration between your applications and our front-ending.

Can we enable / disable what to allow people to use?

Absolutely. This control can exist in a variety of modes. For example, the user's logon information can serve as a "filter" that allows or disallows him/her access to certain resources. In addition, you can, using LAT-Central™ - our Enterprise Management Tool enable / disable capabilities as you like, all remotely.

Why can't I just put in a PC?

This is a very common question that we are asked all the time. The best way to answer it is with an analogy. Can a refrigerator replace a Coke vending machine? Both cool the contents, and both can store the drinks ...obviously the answer is NO. The same applies to kiosks. Unlike a standard PC, kiosks are completely secured and protected to prevent abuse, vandalism, and hardened for repetitive usage - all designed to prolong its life. Furthermore, specific technology features are implemented to provide high level of security and privacy protection.

Instead of biometric devices, can I use our existing "smart card" technology for access and user authentication?

Due to our modular architecture, this option can be easily added as a plug-in. In most cases, this can be accomplished in the field by your technicians. We currently have units that utilize either RFID or Electromagnetic (or a hybrid) based security provisions. In addition, we have a number of units that use HID Smart Cards as access control.

Is there extensive training required to use the system?

We provide complete hand-on training as well as on-line tools to teach your users to use the system. Due to our unique and intuitive user interface and on-screen visual and/or vocal (multilingual) guidance, a typical user can begin using our kiosks with virtually no training at all.

From a technical perspective, especially if there is a need for custom development, an on-going training program (on-line) can be delivered.

What kind of support do you provide?

We support everything we sell. Anything that deals with physical operation of the kiosks, as well as the software that we provide is supported and warranted. Extensive maintenance plans, including predictive maintenance and predefined alerts are available to guarantee high uptime and desired SLA.

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If I install trial kiosks at one of my locations, what is required to roll this out to my other plants?

Due to modularity of our design in both hardware and software, any changes or customizations made are easily transportable. So, basically, the only delta from rolling out to additional locations would be the assurance of necessary electrical and network connections. All else is handled by LAT. (LAT can also assist with secure wireless network setup, if desired.)

Incidentally, one of the "Best Practices" that we preach is that you do plan for a phased roll out to assure success.

I don't have much of an IT staff to assist. What can you do?

To be honest, we don't need IT staff to assist much at all. If you know and have access to the information that you need to propagate to your employees, or applications that you wish to enable, we can "take it from there" and integrate to your existing systems.

If there are certain applications that you wish that you currently don't have, we can either recommend / develop / or assist in bringing those applications in-house and integrating them with our systems.

Does it matter what kiosks (looks) I choose?

Absolutely not. Other than the form (look), the functionality of all of our kiosks are virtually the same. This was specifically done to allow complete freedom and flexibility to our customers when deciding physical requirements for these systems.

I noticed that you have multiple language options. How does that work?

We support eight (8) languages as standard, and more are added as required. Language options can be used in a number of ways. For example, a Spanish speaking employee may select Spanish language to hear specific instructions that are relevant to him/her in her native tongue. Other uses/applications are available, especially if purchased along with our headset/microphone capability.

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