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HR to Spend $50M to Educate Employees on Financial Planning

IBM Press Release, 3/2007

According to a recent Towers Perrin report, employers adopted Web-based employee self-service systems in record numbers during 2006, increasing two to threefold between 1999 and 2006.

The 2001 Cedar HR Self-Service Survey found that over 35% of respondents already provide online time-sheets and more than 60% plan to implement self-service for this function.

Read More about LAT's unique Human Resources Kiosk product line

Human Resource Kiosks

One of most important functions of any HR department is to provide easy capability to your employees to access key critical corporate information. With an ever increasing global and often distributed workforce millions of dollars
are spent yearly, providing those employees with information required to perform their duties.

$1,700 are spent per employee per year on basic HR communication alone.

Salomon Smith Barney, 2006

Unfortunately, the ability to deliver this information in a cost effective, timely fashion is never easy.

Bridge the "great divide"

Despite significant investments into providing necessary information and tools on corporate networks to communicate with your employees, in many organizations there are large number of employees that don't have easy and secure access to your corporate Intranet and consequently are often "left in the dark". Not only is the value of these corporate investment diminished, the reciprocal organizational and legal burden on HR to "manually" supply this information can become overwhelming in needed resources, time and effectiveness.

Value of LAT's HR Kiosks to your Employees

The ability to provide access to your information via self-service at the location most convenient to your employees is invaluable. Here are just a small sampling of possible uses (not in any order):

  • Benefits lookup
  • Payroll adjustments
  • 401(k) maintenance
  • Company News
  • Employee Directory
  • Survey / Feedback
  • Safety Information / Training
  • Training (trade)
  • Cafeteria Menu lookup
  • Job application processing
  • Qualifications testing
  • ... much, much more

Value of LAT's HR Kiosks to you - your ROI

The ability to offload or automate these tasks nearly 24/7/365 with little resource outlay, provides these immediate savings:

  • Augment existing HR resources
  • Central HR function across entire organization
  • Timely delivery of key information / Streamline
  • Huge savings in eliminating paper-driven forms
  • Reduced transaction processing time
  • Increased productivity (For ex: Automating job application pre-screening process)
  • Reduce overall cost of HR/hiring operation
  • Dramatically reduce administrative costs
  • Liability reduction in timely dissemination of required information
  • ... much, much more

Refer to our Overview section on some additional benefits and unique features of our HR product offering.

Bottom Line:

Its no longer a question of "Why" but rather "When", "Who" and "How". Library Automation Technology is a leader in providing self-service kiosks for over a decade. Over 15, 000, 000 transactions are performed on our equipment every year. We have years of experience in understanding both the human interface as well as technology necessary to provide hardened, long lasting equipment that delivers.

We have a staff of designers, programmers and integrators ready to attack any implementation challenge you might have.

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